Kenda Metering Panels

  • Design and construction of panels since 1992
  • System Integration: outstations, energy meters,
    transducers, data loggers, meter processors, flow
    computers, event loggers, test terminal blocks,
    fuses, link, alarms.

  • Measurement of: energy, temperature, pressure,
    distillate, condensate, water, steam (CHP plants)

  • Construction: standard 42U high (600w x 600d,
    800w x 600d, 800w x 800d) cubicles.

  • Wall mounted units avaiable.

  • Top or bottom cable entry.

  • Wire sealing facility on doors and front panels.


Kenda is able to offer purpose-built metering cubicles for use in large or small power stations, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, refineries, grid substations and other metering sites.

Our wealth of experience in the industry has lead to many projects both in the UK and abroad. We can offer wall mounted or floor standing solutions, and with our metering maintenance expertise, we can offer continued on-site support after installation, together with Meter Operator services where required..

With our data collection software we can produce pre-formatted data reports or interface and export to your required format, in addition we are also able to offer additional tailored applications such as billing software.

Typical items included in our custom-built metering cubicles and racks are:

  • Two-quadrant active/reactive electricity meters

  • Four-quadrant smart electricity meters

  • Kenda Meteor outstations

  • Voltage alarms

  • Flow computers

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