Kenda Metering Maintenance

maintenaceKenda is able to offer complete on-site and off-site metering maintenance service for a variety of active, reactive and four-quadrant smart meters.

Typical metering maintenance carried out includes:

  • On-site meter accuracy checks (Type B calibrations)
  • On-site and off-site meter recalibration (Type A calibrations)
  • Off-site laboratory check calibration (Type C calibrations)
  • Meter drift reports
  • Main and check meter analysis reports
  • Voltage alarm relay testing

All meter testing is carried out in accordance with the relevant metering
Codes of Practice, and all recalibrations are carried out by laboratories
with NPL-traceable equipment and standards.

Kenda has developed a tailored relational database application to store all meter data produced from the above activities. This database enables us to be aware which meters are due for calibration or, for example, to produce a drift report for any meter on demand. A complete audit trail and history can be obtained for any given meter.

Meter Operator Services

Kenda have been appointed by Elexon, the UK electric generation governing body, as a CVA MOA (Central Volume Allocation Meter Operator Agent). This means that Kenda can act on behalf of any electricity generating or transmission company registrant as their Meter Operator, performing all of the tasks required by the BSC (Balancing and Settlement Company).


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