Meteor Specification

Ram 128K standard (512K optional)
Real Time Clock
Accuracy Better than 7 seconds in 10 days
over full temperature range
Sync-in (optional) A voltage free contact closure
minimum 5ms on the half hour
Sync-out (optional) 50ms contact closure (may be passed to Sync-in of
another meteor)
Data Ports
Modem V24/RS232
Interrogation port V24/RS232
Concentrator port 20mA current loop (4 wire)
Meter Inputs
Channels 16/32 contact closure
Voltage source V24/RS232
Current at 15V 15VDC (protected at 20V)
Max operation frequency 4mA typica
Frequency rejection Will not respond to >20Hz
Watchdog relay Two changeover contacts
(rated: 100VDC, 1A)
Summation (optional) 8/16 solid state class Y
(60VDC, 100mA)
Supply Input
Voltage range
48VDC or 110VDC (AC options on request)
Input current 42 to 137VDC
Fuse rating 150mA (48VDC)
60mA (110VDC)
300mA (mounted on PSU)
Type AA Alkaline
Hold up time (Memory/clock)  >10 days (28 days on request)
+5deg. C to +55 deg.C
10% to 95% non-condensing
to CEGB EES 1989
Electrical Meter Inputs class Y
Supply Inputs class Z
Watchdog contacts class Z
Telephone line class Z
Mounting 19 inch rack type
Panel height 4 U (7 inches)
Depth 13 inches plus sockets 

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