Metering Data Outstation

The METEOR outstation is a microprocessor-based unit designed to collect metering information at remote sites and to transmit the data and status information to a central data collection unit on demand.

Communication is via dial-up modems using a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or on a private CTN system. Interrogation facilities are also provided for local data collection (see the 'Tariff Software' section).

The outstation unit consists of a 4U high 19 inch steel chassis fitted with processor board, power supply, modem and associated PSU, processor watchdog, meter input panel and battery backup system.

16 and 32 channel versions are available. For sites requiring more than 32 channels a number of outstations can be cascaded into the master unit containing the modem, enabling data collection from every unit on a single telephone line.

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