What Is Metering and Data Collection?


This refers to the electronic collection of the energy values measured by electricity meters, and is particularly applicable
to high accuracy and large energy generation or consumption applications.

Energy meters transmit their measurements either by pulses, where each pulse represents a fixed amount of energy, or in a data stream which can be interpreted as energy values by the receiving equipment.

Outstations can be used to receive and sum these pulse values, or to receive the data information, and store it until such time as it is collected by a central collection station.

Where is Metering Data Collection Used?

Electrical metering is frequently to be found at commercial boundaries, particularly points of generation, points of consumption, and in between at points of transmission. In power stations metering is often found on the generator(s) and unit transformer(s), and summed by an outstation in order to determine the net station output. The outstations are usually built into the same suite of cubicles as the meters.

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