Meters and Outstations

Kenda can supply, install and maintain:

  • meters and outsationsIEC class 0.2S 4-quadrant smart electricity
    meters. These are accredited for use as tariff
    settlement meters in the UK electricity trading
    market (i.e. Elexon approved).

  • Tariff data outstations (the Meteor) used for
    half hour data collection and storage, which
    can be accessed by dial-up or direct connection.
    These are accredited for use as tariff
    settlement collectors in the UK electricity
    trading market (i.e. Elexon approved).

  • Operational Metering Summator outstations (OMS), which provide real-time power data streams, relay pulse outputs and analogue outputs.

  • Combined tariff and operational data outstations (the Nebula) to provide both tariff and operational data, with the added capability of ethernet connection which provides data from a built-in web server to a company's intranet. It can also provide an interface to DCS and SCADA systems, representing data as MODBUS or IEC61850 registers.

  • Event recorders (alarm monitoring with time tagging of events)

Meter Maintenance

  • Complete Meter Operator services (Kenda is an Elexon-approved CVA MOA)
  • All necessary BSCP documentation completed
  • On-site meter accuracy checking with full reporting
  • On-site voltage failure alarm relay testing (VFAR)
  • Off-site laboratory calibration checks
  • On/Off-site meter recalibration / recompensation
  • Calculation of meter compensation data
  • Diagnostic fault finding and resolution
  • All work done to Code of Practice standards (CoP 1/2/4)
  • Clients' equipment spares held in quarantine storage

databaseMetering Database

  • Data available via secure online portal offering existing clients remote access to relevant data
  • Information on every meter under Kenda's care
  • Circuit details - name, VT/CT ratios, UPP values etc.
  • All compensation, calibration and certificate data
  • All accuracy test, VFAR test and laboratory test results
  • Provides reporting functions for all aspects of metering
  • Split into sections, to ensure separation of client details

Metering System Site Work

  • Burden measurement
  • Installation of Kenda-built metering equipment
  • Installation of add-on equipment in existing cubicles
  • Commissioning of the above equipment, including completion of BSCP documentation
  • Meter proving tests for CDCA acceptance

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