• Nebula PanelsInterface capabilities to different types
    of meter

  • Support IEC 62056-21 and COSEM
    HDLC DLMS protocols (not just limited
    to electricity meters)

  • Support serial (RS-232, RS-485) and
    ethernet interfaces

  • Backwards compatiblity with standard
    OMS and pulse meter outputs

  • Read both tariff and instant readings
    (e.g. MW, MVAR, MVA, volts, amps frequency, power factor)

  • Report on power quality

  • Provide protocol conversion (IEC 61850, MODBUS)

  • Analogue outputs (± 10 mA, 4 - 20 mA)


The Nebula Outstation from Kenda Electronic Systems offers modular functionality for a wide range of metering applications. The unit is able to be configured with various modules and options permitting a flexible, configurable metering solution. Select the number of smart meter inputs you require (such as IEC 62056-21, DLMS protocol). If you need backwards compatibility with existing pulse meters or the ability to drive analogue outputs, communicate different protocols (such as MODBUS, IEC 61850) to DCS and SCADA systems, collect tariff information or simply operate as a data server on your network (even accessible from a standard web browser), the Nebula can offer all this and more.

Installation of a Nebula Hub can remove the headache of complex site wiring issues to multiple meters. A Nebula can be configured to automatically synchronize its time against standard network time servers, thereby removing the timing issues experienced by legacy systems. The use of modern FLASH memory technology means that backup batteries are not required to retain data in the event of power loss, and the amount of available capacity has increased considerably. The unit is able to operate mathematically on various groups of metered values in order to provide nett totals that can be accessed in register format, or used to drive analogue outputs. The Nebula unit can be used as a fully compatible replacement for existing Kenda OMS and/or Meteor units.

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