Kenda Operational Software

OMDO - Operational Metering Data Out

The OMDO software interprets the OMDO message output from an OMS unit every second displaying the date ,time ,frequency and current power readings. The top area of the screen displays the current frequency reading numerically and the previous 5 to 30 minutes of readings in graphical format.


The bottom area can either display between 1 and 32 different current power readings in numerical format or between 5 and 30 minutes worth of graphical data for 32 simultaneous different power readings. The frequency and power readings can optionally be output to any ODBC compliant Trading database. The data can be posted at a pre defined interval.

Data Control Systems

Real time meter monitoring of IEC 1107 compatible meters.

Real time monitoring of the serial data output of IEC 1107 compatible meters (e.g. the Cewe Pro Meter) can be provided using a rack mounted PC running Windows NT4. The Volts, Amps, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power and Power Factor from up to 24 separate meters connected to each PC can be read (RS-232 or RS-485). The data can then be transmitted via a fibre optic link to another PC running the same software. The local or relayed data can then be displayed or summated and converted to a configurable analogue output signal (4 - 20mA) - ideal for use on DCS mimic displays, or stored in a reading register that can be accessed using the modicon modbus protocol (RTO mode).

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