Kenda wins meter-maintenance contract from Magnox


Following a competitive tender, Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems has been awarded a contract to provide total care and maintenance of all the FMS Metering Systems operated by Magnox Electric plc.

The meters were installed in the early 1990s as part of the Final Metering Scheme, and regular accuracy and calibration checks are required to ensure continued compliance with the Pooling Settlements Agreement.

The contract covers the metering at all nine sites for which Magnox Electric is responsible - namely, Wylfa, Penrhos, Trawsfynydd, Maentwrog, Oldbury, Hinkley Point A, Dungeness A, Bradwell and Sizewell A.

In addition to on-site calibration checks and fault finding, the work will include full laboratory calibration of the meters, routine testing of voltage failure alarm relays, and maintenance of the Meteor data collection outstations that Kenda originally supplied to Magnox Electric for FMS.

As well as providing rapid on-site response and 24-hour telephone support, Kenda also has the facility to collect data remotely, enabling it to carry out initial fault-finding work from its headquarters in Southampton.

Maintenance and calibration records for the Magnox Electric meters will be stored by Kenda on a dedicated computer-based relational database, providing complete and detailed traceability of all movements, calibrations, changes and firmware modifications.


18th February 1998 Ref. KE121/2