Kenda develops new metering system technology for Winnington CHP plant


As part of a £200,000 contract for the supply of a complete tariff and operational metering system for the Winnington CHP plant in Cheshire, Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems has come up with a new design that eliminates the need for the transducers that would normally be used to produce analogue 4-20mA signals for operational metering.

Under the terms of the contract, which was awarded by Alstom Power Plants Ltd, Kenda will supply three tariff and operational metering cubicles for use at the main Winnington site and two nearby substations at Poppy Bank and Lostock. The CHP plant is being designed and built by Alstom Energy Systems for PowerGen to provide steam and power to ICI Brunner Mond.

The Kenda system utilises the latest CEWE intelligent Prometers, which not only generate the pulsed outputs required for tariff metering purposes but also provide serial data via an RS232 interface. Kenda has used its expertise to design a special DAC processor system that converts the data into the analogue 4-20mA values required for operational metering and transmits it for remote reading at Winnington.

In addition, the Kenda system will include the company¹s own range of Meteor data collectors, data concentrators and operational metering summators, a local collector station, a local interrogation unit, fibre-optic transmitter and receiver units, asynchronous fibre-optic modems and voltage failure alarm relays.

Having supplied metering data collection equipment to all of the major power companies in the UK, Kenda is believed to have installations located at all Grid supply points and all of the main power stations, as well as several other CHP plants.


27th April 1999 Ref. KE128/2