Kenda wins billing system contract for
Fort Dunlop peaking plant


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd has been awarded a contract from Heartlands Power Ltd to supply a billing system for the new 100MW gas-turbine peaking plant that the company operates at Fort Dunlop. Heartlands Power Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Ventures (RRPV).

Utilising two 50MW Rolls-Royce Trent gas turbines, the Fort Dunlop plant will generate electricity on behalf of Eastern Power & Energy Trading Ltd during times of peak demand.

The Kenda billing system will include a remote collector station based at the London offices of RRPV, linked via modem to a 32-channel Meteor data-collection outstation at the plant.

In addition, Kenda will be supplying bespoke software for producing bills against the relevant project contracts. As well as allowing for daily fluctuations in electricity pool prices, the software performs FLOC (facility lost opportunity cost) calculations, which compare the plant's availability and performance with the contractual objectives.

Having supplied metering data collection equipment to all of the major power companies in the UK, Kenda is believed to have installations located at all Grid supply points and all of the main power stations, as well as several other CHP plants.


18th June 1999 Ref. KE129/2