Kenda wins £1/4 million contract from Smiths Industries Aerospace for data storage and retrieval system


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd has been awarded a contract worth in excess of £250,000 from Smiths Industries Aerospace at Cheltenham for the supply of a custom data storage and retrieval system (DSTARS) for use within the company's Software Production Group.

Utilising two 480-CD jukeboxes, the DSTARS system will enable the storage and production of validated copies of all master software items used in the operation or testing of aerospace equipment, together with all associated software documentation. Currently, this equates to approximately 35,000 software items and nearly 21/2 million pages of documentation.

Although the software will be stored on CD-R, the system has to be capable of reproducing individual items on their original media, which include previous formats of tapes and cartridges together with a variety of floppy disk formats.

Under the terms of the contract, Kenda will also provide maintenance of the system for at least the first three years after installation, which will take place before the end of 1999.


7th October 2000 Ref. KE133/2