New meter processor eliminates the need for transducers


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems has developed a new high-speed meter processor that eliminates the need for the transducers that would normally be used to produce analogue
4-20mA signals for operational metering purposes in the electricity generating industry.

The Kenda system utilises the latest CEWE intelligent Prometers, which not only generate the pulsed outputs required for tariff metering purposes but also provide serial data via an RS232 interface.

Parameters such as kw, kVAr, kVA, V, I, power factor and frequency are read by the meter processor from a number of Prometers simultaneously, and this data is then fed via copper or fibre-optic serial lines to a DAC processor system that has been designed by Kenda to convert the serial data into the analogue 4-20mA values required for operational metering.

The new meter processor is ideal for applications where both operational and tariff metering signals are required from a single measuring device or where analogue outputs are required at long distances from the meters. It can easily be adapted for use with other intelligent meters, if required.


January 2001 Ref: Ke 139/2