New metering summator provides real-time data
for NETA trading systems


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd has introduced a new operational metering summator (OMS) unit that produces real-time data for the trading systems being installed by generating companies as part of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA).

As well as providing the half-hour demand values required under NETA, the OMS unit outputs second-by-second data and uses a new Kenda software package OMDO Message Application to deliver trending and minute averages in ODBC format.

By having their trading system databases updated every minute, generating companies can make fine adjustments during each half-hour period to ensure that they meet their contractual obligations.

Typically installed in a meter room, the 19in. mounting OMS unit receives pulsed signals from the energy meters, but instead of simply counting the pulses, the OMS measures the interval between successive pulses and interpolates the result to a one second timing mark.

The resultant second-by-second data is then processed by the OMDO Message Application software to produce minute averages that can be used to update any ODBC-compliant trading system database.

Having supplied metering data collection equipment to all of the major power companies in the UK, Kenda is believed to have installations located at all Grid supply points and all centrally despatched power stations.


December 2000 Ref: KE/167/A