Kenda and eMation team up to provide Innogy with
intranet-based solution for NETA


As part of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA), Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd and Northampton-based eMation have teamed up to provide Innogy with an intranet-based metering data collection system for 15 remote power generation sites.

Having decided to standardise on Kenda’s Meteor metering data outstations at twelve of its Cogen sites and three National Windpower sites, Innogy needed a method of making the real-time data available to multiple users via its IT infrastructure. eMation’s Web@aGlance software was chosen as the means of achieving this end, and the three companies then worked together to complete the integration process within the tight timescales dictated by the introduction of NETA.

Kenda’s metering data collection systems are well established in the electricity supply industry, commented Justin Grimwade, process engineer for Innogy’s operations and engineering division. Combining the Kenda technology with the eMation front end has enabled us to deliver real-time metering information to the desktop for a wide range of personnel.

As well as providing the half-hour demand values required under NETA, the Meteor units output second-by-second data and use a new Kenda software package OMDO Message Application to deliver trending and minute averages. By having its trading system databases updated every minute, Innogy can make fine adjustments during each half-hour period to ensure that it meets its contractual obligations.

The Web@aGlance software displays the Kenda half-hour and minute data as dynamic process graphics or historical trends and reports within a web browser, thereby enabling the data to be viewed and manipulated by any Innogy department having the appropriate level of security access.


March 2001 Ref: KE/168/A