Kenda upgrades machinery data-acquisition systems for Royal Navy fleet


Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd has unveiled a new family of portable data acquisition multianalysers that are suitable for use in a variety of equipment-monitoring applications in the military, aerospace and maritime sectors.

The multianalyser family initially consists of two models - the PDA-32 and the PDA-96 - both of which feature rugged, weather-sealed housings to enable them to withstand the rigours of the most demanding environments.

Designed to record analogue signals from multiple sensors on to a hard disk, the new units are equipped with a 16-bit ADC capable of a sampling frequency of up to 180kHz, together with optional 4-channel 12-bit DAC outputs.

The PDA-32 is the smaller of the two units, with overall dimensions of 206 x 158 x 138mm and a weight of just 3kg. Housed in an injection-moulded glass-loaded ABS case, it provides 32 analogue input channels, a removable hard disk drive and a 4in. touch-screen TFT display offering 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

Its 96-channel stablemate, the PDA-96, measures 470 x 370 x 200mm and weighs 12.5kg. This model features a detachable full-size keyboard with built-in trackerball and a 1024 x 768 pixel 10.4in. TFT display, which is hinged to allow wide adjustment of the viewing angle.
Operating under Windows NT, both models are supplied complete with Kenda's OptiMal analysis software, which can execute tasks such as Fourier Transforms, polar plots, vector analysis, graphical representation, twin cursor zooming and direct measurement.

The software also enables the units to be pre-programmed to start recording or to initiate other activities at specified times or in response to a range of trigger criteria based on signal behaviour.
Data can be downloaded to an external PC using the multianalysers' Ethernet LAN ports or serial interfaces.


17th September 2003 Ref. KE173A