Castleford CHP metering panel contract goes to Kenda


Enelpower UK Limited, part of the Enel Group and a subsidiary of the Italian state electricity company, has awarded a contract to Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd for the supply of a metering data-collection panel for the Hickson & Welch CHP plant operated at Castleford by Powergen.

As the main contractor for the plant, Enelpower chose Kenda because of the company’s many years of experience in producing metering data collection equipment for the electricity-supply industry.

The contract covers the design, manufacture and factory testing of the dual-bay metering panel and ancillary equipment and software. In addition to a Kenda Operational Metering Summator (OMS), the panel will include five flow computers, a rack-mounted Local Collector Station (LCS) running Kenda’s MDCS software, and a Meter Processor with dual RS485 Modbus outputs.

The OMS unit at the heart of the system is designed to produce real-time data for the trading systems now used by generating companies as part of the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA)

The Meter Processor will take the real-time data from the OMS, together with half-hour demand values from the LCS, and make all this information available to the plant’s DCS (distributed control system) using Modbus protocol.


17th February 2003 Ref. KE178A