Kenda provides metering panels for Stoke CHP plant


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems has supplied two single-bay metering cubicles to Hawker Siddeley Atkins for the Stoke CHP plant operated at Michelin Tyre plc by Powergen.

The cubicles provide tariff metering for both Michelin and the distribution network operator (DNO) for the Midlands region, Aquila Networks, which was formerly known as GPU Power.

Winning the contract for the metering cubicles in the face of rival bids from at least two multinational companies, Kenda was chosen because it was able to meet all the technical requirements at a competitive price.

One cubicle is located at the CHP plant and the other is at a substation half a kilometre away. Kenda was able to utilise an existing multicore pilot wire for data communication between the two cubicles, thereby obviating the anticipated requirement to install additional fibre-optic links.

Both cubicles include main and check Prometers, test terminal blocks, fuses, MIIU interposing relays and associated terminals for each of two feeder circuits. The CHP cubicle additionally contains a Kenda Meteor 32-channel master data collector, which is approved for use in both PRS and NETA applications.

Kenda has a long track record in the design and manufacture of metering data collection equipment for the electricity supply industry and offers particular expertise in CHP applications.


28th March 2003 Ref. KE180A