Kenda upgrades machinery data-acquisition systems for Royal Navy fleet


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd has been awarded the last of a series of Ministry of Defence contracts, under which the company has supplied specially developed data-acquisition units on all CVS, destroyer and frigate platforms in the Royal Navy fleet.

The Kenda equipment has been designed to replace the previous generation of magnetic tape and ultra-violet recording systems used for machinery-monitoring purposes, and this latest contract covers the supply of 48-channel portable data-acquisition (PDA-48) units on all Type 23 frigates.

Kenda upgrades machinery data-acquisition systems for Royal Navy fleet The PDA-48 unit will be linked to a variety of sensors associated with each ship's propulsion system to enable it to collect data on parameters such as torque, shaft rotation speed, vibration and clutch position status.

All Kenda data-acquisition equipment now installed on Royal Navy vessels operates the same OptiMal software, which was specifically designed to monitor, capture and analyse propulsion-system data.

Housed in a wall-mounted receptacle, the PDA-48 is a rugged, weatherproof unit that can quickly and easily be removed for use in other on-board data-acquisition applications as and when required.


1st October 2004 Ref. KE214A