New wall-mount metering data collection unit for wind-farm applications


Kenda Electronic Systems has introduced a new range of wall-mount metering data collection units specifically designed for use in wind-farm applications.

Available in a choice of 12U-high or 15U-high versions, the new Meteor WF units can be configured to provide either tariff metering or operational metering data.

New wall-mount metering data collection unit for wind-farm applications For tariff metering, the units are equipped with a Kenda outstation, which logs half-hour tariff data and then uploads it to a local or remote computer.

Alternatively, for users requiring instantaneous operational data, the Meteor WF can be supplied with an integral Kenda OMS (operational metering summator), which provides a data stream for a GPMS (generator performance monitoring system) or similar system.

All variants are designed to accommodate a built-in PC for use as a local collector station or GPMS server if required.

A fully configured wall-mounted cubicle, the Meteor WF includes power supply, anti-condensation heater, thermostat and complete wiring for easy connection of site I/O.

Kenda has many years' experience in the design and manufacture of metering data-collection systems and has supplied equipment and software to hundreds of sites throughout the electricity supply industry, primarily in the UK.


18th May 2007 Ref. KE235A