Kenda wins major contract from National Power


Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems has been awarded a major contract by National Power for maintaining its nationwide network of meters, many of which were installed in the early 1990s as part of the Final Metering Scheme (FMS).

As well as covering the regular accuracy and calibration checks stipulated in Settlements Code of Practice 4, the contract includes maintenance of the metering data-collection equipment that Kenda itself supplied to National Power for FMS.

In addition, the contract encompasses the meters and data collection systems on some older power stations and the metering on all the new combined-cycle gas turbine power stations.

Kenda will be carrying out on-site accuracy checks of National Power's network of nearly 600 meters and will also be responsible for calibration checks and any necessary recalibration of the meters.

The company will provide rapid on-site response, together with 24 hour telephone support. In addition, it will have the facility to collect data remotely, enabling it to carry out initial fault-finding work from its headquarters in Southampton.

Kenda's managing director Bill Clarke commented: "It was especially gratifying to win the National Power contract as we were bidding against a number of multinational companies. It is a great boost to our maintenance division."


20th May 1996 Ref. KE79/2