Kenda supplies Iggesund metering equipment


The Tariff Metering System for the CHP plant at Iggesund Paperboard was designed, manufactured and commissioned by Southampton-based Kenda Electronic Systems Ltd, whose metering data-collection equipment has previously been supplied to all of the major power companies in the UK and to the National Grid Company as part of the Final Metering Scheme.

Based on Kenda's successful Meteor range of equipment, the Iggesund system comprises a metering cubicle, the metering itself, data collectors, and the associated control-room computer equipment and software.

The Meteor data collectors calculate and store scaled values for each input integrated over the specified demand period (normally 30 minutes). Two data collectors are used for electricity and non-electricity pulse inputs; the latter including steam flow, condensate, demineralised water, distillate and gas meters.

A modem link allows for remote interrogation of the data collectors, while a central collector station is used for local information within the power station. The system's software performs calculations on the collected metering data to provide total values and costs for billing purposes.

All design, manufacturing and testing of the Tariff Metering System was carried out under Kenda's rigorous BS EN ISO 9001 quality system.


31st May 1996 Ref. KE87/2