Systems & Data Aquisition


Kenda Electronic Systems develop and maintain bespoke IT systems to suit specific application needs.

Some Enterprise may find that their own specialist needs are not currently catered for by off the shelf products. In house software and hardware consultants have the necessary experience and expertise to tailor bespoke systems for our customers exacting needs.

As a BS EN ISO 9001 accredited company Kenda has installed rigorous testing and development procedures designed to ensure the highest possible level of design and implementation.

Our software systems are developed using Object-orientated methodologies to define the exact physical and logical architecture of the application. The benefits of which can include:

  • incremental delivery
  • parallel development
  • shorter delivery cycles
  • use cases
  • legacy respect etc.

Due to our broad knowledge base our System consultants are happy to explore a wide range of solutions on a variety of platforms including:

  • Windows
  • Unix / Linux
  • Novell Netware
  • DEC / VMS
  • DOS

We have considerable development experience with the following applications:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Apache Web Server
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)

Kenda win time and time again because of their ability to respond rapidly to the changing needs of their customers. Kenda are a special systems company which thrives on rapidly adapting or developing products to suit customer requirements, so if you have a need for some extra feature or slightly different specification, don't be afraid to ask.

  • Metering Data Collection Products
  • Fully Built Systems / Cubicles / Panels
  • Turnkey Contracts
  • Customer Specific Variants
  • Special Systems
  • On Site Support

Data Acquisition

Complete Solutions for Real Time Acquisition and Analysis

Shock Mounted and with built in filters the Multianalyser is equipped to cope with the most hostile environments. The range comes in static and portable forms to offer the greatest available application flexibility.

Accuracy is provided by up to 24 bit ADC (Analogue to Digital Conversion) and a maximum sampling frequency throughput of 100kHz. Application expansion is provided by up to 128 Analogue input channels, 56 Digital inputs, 8 digital output and 42 counters.

  • Functionality
  • Recording System Functions
  • Signal Monitoring
  • Signal Capture
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Setup and Signal Storage
  • Graphical Output and Communication
  • Non Standard Transducer Calibration

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