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MDCS - Metering Data Collection System

The MDCS (Metering Data Collection System) suite of applications are Windows based and primarily consist of the following applications:

The COLLECT application interrogates standard Meteor outstations using up to 4 communication ports simultaneously collecting the halfhour demand data values. Communications can be instigated using modems or a direct link to a Meteor Data Concentrator.

MDCS (Metering Data Collection System)

The data can then be printed in the form of user-defined daily reports or exported in various formats using the ODBC export module (e.g. .xls .mdb .txt) to network servers. The data collection can be manually initiated or start automatically at user-defined times.

MDCS (Metering Data Collection System)

The HALFHOUR application is basically the same as the Collect task, except that it will automatically poll outstations every half hour.

The ANALOGUE application can collect and summate the Meteor rolling average values and ouput them to a 12-bit DAC PC card (giving 8 4-20mA or 0-5V outputs).

The DIALS application can display and summate the Meteor rolling average values to the screen.

The ARCHIVE application will archive all collected data to a tape backup system or over a network. This task is able to restore any archived data for future analysis or disaster recovery.

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