The Kenda Group

The Kenda Group consists of three divisions: Kenda Electronic Systems, Kendata Peripherals and Earth Data, all of whom are ISO9001:2008 Accredited.

Kenda Electronic Systems primarily offers products, installation, commissioning and support services for the Electricity Supply Industry including meters, outstations, software and metering panels.

Kendata specialises in data processing solutions; primarily capturing data from paper and web based forms, providing solutions such as ballots, exam marking and satisfaction surveys. Its Print and Bureau Teams undertake design, printing, mailing, distribution, scanning and reporting services on behalf of clients.

Earth Data designs and manufactures data acquisition, telemetry and recording systems for scientific, industrial and medical use. A strong commitment to research and development and a desire to achieve the highest possible performance has led to latest range of Digitisers and Recorders for the seismic community.

Kenda Electronic Systems

Kenda Electronic Systems offers customised solutions and specialised products for the Electricity Supply Industry including meters, outstations, software and High Accuracy Metering panels using a comprehensive range of Metering Data Collection Equipment that interfaces with station DCS, SCADA and ILM systems.

Its Energy Metering Division are able to offer metering system design, delivery, installation, commissioning and support services including calibration and accuracy testing for both tariff and operational systems. Full appreciation of the Project Management Life Cycle: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure is followed.

Kenda Electronic Systems also offers a range of high quality Instrumentation for real-time Data Acquisition and Recording systems used in transport monitoring equipment as well as a subcontract design and manufacturing service for custom electronic products and OEM production of special interfaces.

Kendata Peripherals Division

Kendata specialises in automatic data capture from both paper and web based media. Using a range of products and software such as Image Scanners and Optical Mark readers we are able to provide both complete & integrated solutions covering all major markets such as exam marking and survey data capture from paper.

Our experienced Print Team are able to offer high quality, fully functional, stylishly designed forms as well as Internet based products for web surveys and ballots. Flexibility, innovative design and a depth of technical knowledge have earned Kendata a reputation for quality and service.

An experienced Bureau Team also allows you to avoid the costly and time consuming process of producing, delivering, collecting and processing large amounts of data/paper work. Whatever your requirements we can offer a complete service from design & print, through to worldwide distribution, receipt and data processing.

Earth Data Division

Earth Data specialises in the design and manufacture of data acquisition, telemetry and recording systems for scientific, industrial and medical use. Based around the continuous development of its proprietary 24-bit delta-sigma converter technology, the equipment offers 140dB dynamic range at 100Hz and an unrivaled 150dB at 10Hz and below.

Our Digitizers incorporate 3 or 6 converters within a rugged enclosure and provide near real time data. When combined with our Recorders they provide a removable media recording facility which can be exchanged without loss of data. Both USB and network connections can be used for communication and data download.

Data is provided in formats such as Mini-SEED files and communications achieved via standard protocols (e.g. SeedLink or FTP). A range of diagnostic software utilities are available, configuration and monitoring is even possible via any HTTP web browser.