About us

Kenda Electronic Systems Limited is a privately owned, self-financed, British company that was formed to design and produce computer based systems that are tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

Kenda offers customised solutions and special products for the Electricity Supply Industry including hardware, software and panel building using their comprehensive range of Metering Data Collection Equipment. Kenda also offers a range of high quality Instrumentation for Data Acquisition and Recording as well as a subcontract design and manufacturing service for custom electronic products and OEM production of special interfaces.

The Customer Support Division provides a nation-wide after-sales service for all products supplied by the Kenda Group and also offers a comprehensive third-party maintenance service including 24-hour call logging. The Software Division provides a software resource for all the companies in the Kenda Group. It produces application software tailored to customers' bsilogorequirements, including packages to run under both real-time and multi-user operating systems.

Experience in the Electricity Industry
  • Worked with CEGB on early metering outstations.
  • Key contributor for FMS installations following privatisation Design, manufacture and supply of tariff metering outstations and operational metering outstations. 
  • Supply of metering data collection software Design, manufacture and supply of metering cubicles and panels installed to various CoPs including CoP1, CoP2, CoP3 and CoP5.
  • Manufacture and installation of meter processing systems – DSM, OMS, ASM and PQM.
  • Ongoing long term metering support, maintenance and repair services including calibration / accuracy testing. 
  • Completion and submission of National Grid Site Commissioning Test documentation Meter Operator Agent (MOA).
  • Data recording solutions. 
  • Maintenance, Fault finding and Troubleshooting.

The National Grid is Great Britain’s electricity transmission network, distributing the electrical power generated in England, Scotland, and Wales, and transferring energy between Great Britain and Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway.
See how electricity is generated: National Grid: Live status

Our Projects

Solar energy
Wind Power
Gas / Coal-fired power station
Synchronous condenser
Battery Storage
Auto Transformer Feeder Station (ATFS)
Super Grid Transformers (SGT), DNO (Distribution Network Operator) Boundaries
Hydroelectric station
Waste-to-energy plant