Schneider ION PQM

Power Quality Monitoring (PQM)

Using market leading monitors such as the ION9000 and G4400 we can offer complete 3 phase power quality analysis.

  • EN 50160 compliance checking
  • conforming to IEEE 519 harmonic limit
  • conforming to IEC 61000-4-30: class A compliance reporting
  • conforming to IEEE 519 compliance reporting
  • waveform capture
  • total demand distortion
  • total harmonic distortion
  • disturbance direction detection
  • dip, swell and transient
  • half cycle data acquisition
  • transient detection
  • Modbus, IEC61850, DNP 3
  • Time synchronisation and stamping of up to 1┬Ásec using SNTP, GPS, IRIG-B and DCF-77
  • Compliant with NG TS 3.24.93
  • Therefore meeting additional requirements for the connection of generation equipment in parallel with public distribution networks as detailed in Engineering Recommendation G99, issued by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), including harmonic measurements up to 100th harmonic in accordance with ENA Engineering Recommendation (EREC) G5 and G99
  • NG TS 3.24.93 Compliant