Meter Operator Agent (MOA)

Meter operator
We provide Meter Operator services (MOP) nationally throughout the UK.
Our qualified engineers are appointed by electricity suppliers to install, commission, operate, test, repair and maintain metering equipment for energy management, we are also a data collector and maintain technical information. 

Kenda’s Meter Operator service is competitively priced and provides a dedicated team who can provide guidance, manage your existing meters and offer a UK nationwide service.

Elexon Accredited CVA MOA

Kenda have been appointed by Elexon, the UK electric generation governing body, as a CVA MOA (Central Volume Allocation Meter Operator Agent). This means that Kenda can act on behalf of any electricity generating or transmission company registrant as their Meter Operator, performing all of the tasks required by the BSC (Balancing and Settlement Company).
Meter operator