Fault Recorder (FR)

Kenda's Fault Recording, DSM, PMU,PQM and ASM Panels meet the requirements of National Grid Technical Specifications NG TS 3.24.70. Dynamic System Monitoring (DSM). NG TS 3.24.71 System Monitoring - Fault Recording. NG TS 3.24.92 Phasor Measurement Unit. NG TS 3.24.93 National Grid Power Quality Monitoring System and NG TS 3.24.95 Frequency Response Monitoring (Ancillary Services Monitoring - ASM). Therefore it additionally meets the requirements for the connection of generation equipment in parallel with public distribution networks as detailed in Engineering Recommendation G99, issued by the Energy Networks Association (ENA). Including harmonic measurements up to 100th harmonic in accordance with G99 EREC G5. The ASM equipment can additionally be used as an IEC104 Server for NG ESO Operational Metering requirements as well being able to be used for NG ESC Dynamic Containment (DC) Reporting Services DSM Fault Recording data is stored in COMTRADE format inside the recorder for the convenient retrieval and analysis.

Using the LAN Interface real-time data can be activated as:

  • IEC61850
  • DNP3
    • PMU Synchrophasor (IEEE C37.118)
    • The Ametek TR3000 and Kenda Nebula are NG Type Registered